Balfolk - 27th of April 2024

Maison de village
Rue des Alliés 44

27th of April 2024
15:00Workshop : 5, 8, 11, 13 waltzes and mazurkas
20:00Les Kickeuses (Belgium)
22:15No&Mi (France)

20:00 Les Kickeuses (Belgium)
Les Kickeuses (Belgium)

These 2 musicians are full of life! Dynamism, emotion, sincerity, variety, presence, sensitivity... So many qualities that characterize them. They offer you their repertoire mixing compositions and covers, mixing instrumentals and songs... And when they do it with 2 voices, we like it! What a joy to welcome Juliette Ferreira on flute and vocals and Lolita Pariaud on accordion, vocals and stompbox, this "kick" which supports the resolutely modern impact of their music and gave them their name.
22:15 No&Mi (France)
No&Mi (France)

It's time to breathe with the accordion! No&Mi takes us into its cocooned universe, where for once, the rhythms are freed... In No&Mi's balls, there is room for the atypical, the depth, the offbeat humor, the surprising, the silences ,... We slow down the dance, we speed it up. In the No&Mi balls, we really experience what dialogue means. Indeed, she does not just serve us her music, she watches, she listens to the dancers, and she transforms what she perceives into magic. Lovers of sweetness, here is a gift for you.
15:00 Workshop : 5, 8, 11, 13 waltzes and mazurkas
Lisa Warnier

A workshop to tame waltzes and mazurkas in 5, 8, 11, 13 beats... allowing us to play with the surprises of our chosen guests!


Can I come without a dance partner?
Yes, please feel welcome to do so.
I have never danced (folk) before, what now?
Coming for the first time can be a bit outside of your comfort zone but be assured, no one will judge you on your dancing skills.
There will be an introduction class of 1 hour at 19:15, there we'll explain some common dances (hanter-dro, andro, scottisch, jig, bourré 2 times).
Folk dancing is relatively accessible to dance to and don't hesitate to ask some explanation more experienced dancers will be more than happy to show you some steps.
Also, you don't have to dance all night, enjoying the music and watching others dancing can also be delightful.
How can I get there?
If you come by car, there is a small car park with about 20 spaces just in front of the hall. The other cars will have to park along the road, taking care not to block the access of local residents. Don't hesitate to put a note on the Facebook event if you want to carpool. By train, it is possible to arrive directly in the village and leave the next day. Indeed, Forrières station is only 550m from the venue. It is served every day with a train every 2 hours in each direction from approximately 7:20 a.m. to 9:20 p.m. Jemelle station, 5 minutes by car, offers the advantage of being served every hour... It is therefore also an option. Someone can always provide a shuttle if you have requested it a little in advance.
I would like to spend the night there, what should I do?
Whether it's to prolong the pleasure of being together or because you live too far away to go home directly after the ball, it is possible to sleep at Lisa's, who lives in the same street as the hall. The house is large and can accommodate people but the number of places is not unlimited either. In order to organize the space as well as possible, please contact us by email at if you wish to stay. On Sundays, we can choose brunch, play music, walk in the surrounding countryside, picnic by the river... according to our desire and the energy of the group.
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